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ONLINE payroll services

Payroll Express offers affordable, hassle free Payroll Processing Services to SME's in Donegal and Ireland

Payroll Express takes care of your payroll, while you get on with running your business !

It pays for small businesses to outsource their payroll

Donegal Irish payroll services
Tax Compliant
Have confidence that your payroll is submitted at the right time and complies to payroll regulations.

Payroll Express helps reduce the common causes of Revenue audits e.g. late filing, late paying and making several amendments.
From 1 January 2019, employers must report payroll details each time an employee is paid. You must report these details on or before the pay date.

Donegal Irish payroll services
Software and security
No need to worry about buying payroll software, training, updates, and storing payroll data.

At Payroll Express data security is paramount; we have strong controls in place to safeguard our client’s data by protecting our network and back-up data. We prevent unauthorised access and comply with GDPR regulations. Payslips are pin-protected when emailed.

Donegal Irish payroll services
No more headaches having to understand the technical issues of tax and
employment law.

Payroll Express is backed up with 20+ years of experience working in the industry and are members of IPASS – Ireland’s leading provider in Payroll support.

Donegal Irish payroll services
Time saving
Outsourcing your payroll frees up your valuable time allowing you to get on with running your business.
Donegal Irish payroll services
Your employees receive their payslips and are helped with any queries. Payroll Express works alongside your accountant.
Donegal Irish payroll services
Friendly and transparent
Here at Payroll Express our mission is to provide you with a reliable, friendly professional payroll service at low cost prices.


Payroll Express are committed to ensuring that small businesses
benefit from outsourcing their payroll by saving them unnecessary
time, money and stress. Payroll Express want to save you money
and will ensure you are not missing out on any tax savings that can
be processed through payroll.


Professional Support

IPASS are Ireland’s leading provider of Payroll training and support. The IPASS membership ensures Payroll Express operates and receives support in accordance with current payroll legislation covering PAYE, PRSI, Universal Social Charge (USC) and in the operation of Employment Law.

Payroll Express is an authorised Tax Agent who links to your Employers PAYE Registration when you sign up. Once authorised, we will have access to your Employers PAYE records via ROS.

Note: We won’t link to your Income Tax, VAT, and RCT etc.


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