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Gift employees up to €1,000 – Tax Free

Employers gift up to €500

Employers can give employees a small benefit of up to €1,000 in value, TAX FREE, each year.   The gift must NOT be in cash.   The gift must not exceed €1,000 in value.   Tax-free vouchers or benefits can be used only to purchase goods or services. Examples include; Shop Local vouchers, Supermarket vouchers, […]

Claiming Meal Allowance in Ireland

table set for a meal

Can I claim Meal Allowance?  (known as Subsistence Allowance)   If you are an employee* and you answer YES to all the following conditions;    you’ve had to travel away from your normal place of work and  your travel is necessary in the performance of your work duties and  the travel is more than 8 […]

Home Carer Tax Credit, Incapacitated Child, Employing a Carer Tax Relief

Family home carer incapacitate child

If someone, young or old depends on you – you may qualify for Home Carer Tax Credit, Incapacitated Child Tax Credit or Dependent Relative Tax Credit Nursing  Home Tax relief, Private Nursing  Tax relief, Employing a carer Tax relief, Home Carer Tax credit, Incapacitated Child Tax credit, Dependent relative Tax credit   1.   Nursing Home […]