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How to claim Flat Rate Expenses for my job

Flat rate expenses for each job

You may be able to claim Flat Rate Expenses for your job and pay less tax.   Firstly, Flat Rate Expenses are for employee’s and NOT for the *self-employed*. Secondly, Flat Rate Expenses have been agreed by Revenue and you don’t need to keep any receipts to claim them. Thirdly, you don’t automatically get the flat […]

How to claim Remote Working Tax Relief

Donegal payroll services Remote worker working at home

Are you an Remote Worker?  If so, you may qualify for Remote Working Tax Relief. If you’ve been asked to work from home then you have two options when it comes to claiming tax relief towards additional heating, electrical and broadband home expenses.   1. Your employer may pay you Flat Rate remote worker expenses […]

How to claim tax back on Health Expenses

Donegal payroll services Tax back on health expenses

Who can claim tax refunds on Health Expenses? Tax refunds on Health Expenses can be claimed by those who are employed or self-employed.   Firstly, you’ll have to have paid Tax/USC for the year to be able to claim a tax refund on Health Expenses. If you’ve not paid any Tax/USC in the year in […]

How to claim Tax back in Ireland – Free Guide

Donegal payroll services Claim tax back in Ireland

I’m always getting asked, “How do I claim my Tax and USC back?” Lots of people know they can claim tax back but don’t know how to go about it. You can do it yourself for free.   A single person’s claim is generally straight forward. Married/separated persons can be more complicated due to the […]